Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Devotional Writing

Elaborating On God's Word With Devotionals 

Guest Blogger Author 
Alyice Edrich 

A few years ago, a writer approached me with a dilemma. She said, "When writing about God's word, in a devotional, how do you get past the really WOW moments and write about what's been said when all that needs to be said has been said by Him? It's so hard to elaborate for God. He really doesn't need any elaboration, does He?" 

She was right. It’s hard to dissect God’s words when the Bible shares His words so eloquently. However, many people don’t have the time or desire to research what God’s true intent was (is) when it comes to certain terms and passages in the Bible. Devotionals help break the Bible down into smaller, more digestible parts. Devotionals make God's word more understandable; more accessible. 

Have you ever attended a course where you had an instructor explain the differences of a verb and an adverb, but no matter how many times that instructor explained the difference, you couldn’t grasp it? Then you take the same course with a different instruction and all of a sudden it finally clicks and makes sense? That’s what devotional writers and devotions do for BUSY people, new Christians, and even veteran Christians. 

When writing a devotional, take these tips into consideratinon:
  • Pray.

    Any devotional writer I’ve every spoken with says “Devotions cannot be written without first seeking God’s blessings, instruction, and input.” Praying will help you open your heart and your mind to what God wants you to share.
  • Consider your audience. 
    Who are you writing the devotion for? What kind of Biblical knowledge do your readers already possess?
  • Ask what the point of the passage is.

    Does the passage, as written, make sense in today’s language?
    If not, what are the terms being used, what do they mean during the times the passage was written, and how do those terms relate to today’s language?
  • Search your own life's experiences.

    Is there anything in your life that can bring the point home? In other words, have you experienced a blessing, a hardship, a life-turning point, a lesson, a miracle, etc? Can you relate to your readers by sharing your story?

    If you cannot share a life story, can you find someone who is willing to open up and share his/her story?
  • Tie it all together.

    Each devotion you write needs to make a point. Devotions need to bring the Biblical passage home to the reader. Your reason for writing the devotion is to help God reach His people.
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