Friday, March 28, 2014

Please welcome Brenda K Hendricks to our Meet the Author Day

Sharon: Welcome Brenda. We have refreshments on the coffee bar. If you don’t care for coffee you can grab a softdrink, or a bottle of water and let’s set and chat.

The two women choose a beverage and sit across from each other.

Sharon: I’m so glad you are here with us today, Brenda. Why don’t you start off by telling us a little about your family?
Brenda: My husband and I will be married forty years this July. We have two married daughters and six grandchildren.

Sharon: Wonderful. So many marriages don’t last these days. I’m glad your family is still intact after all these years.
So when and how did you get interested in writing?
Brenda:  For years, I presented mini sermons and puppet skits for the children in our church. I usually wrote my own scripts and stories to share with them. Eventually, I met my now close friend, Marsha Hubler, who was just beginning her writing career at the time. We talked about writing, and she invited me to her critique group. Neither of us remembers how the conversation got started. It must have been a God-thing.

Sharon: That is beautiful.
Has your writing changed your reading habits? If so, how?
Brenda:  Oh yes, on many levels. First of all before I started writing, I had little to time to read. Therefore, I read what I considered “significant” books like how-to’s, self-helps, devotions, and Bible studies. I didn’t want to waste any of my valuable reading time on fiction, let alone write fiction. But at one point, I read several of Francine River’s books and wept. God showed me that fiction was just as significant and life changing to some people as any nonfiction book. On another level, since I have more knowledge of what a well-written book looks like, I read with a more critical eye. It’s the plight of an author. It becomes difficult to read anything without seeing typos, misused verbs, and misplaced modifiers.

Sharon: I agree with you. Even Jesus often used a story, a parable to make a
So what inspired you to write Trouble at Camp Turnabout Creek? How was this story placed on your heart?
Brenda:  I wrote this story for an assignment in a class I was taking at a writers’ conference. We were asked to write a fictional short story using a real life event. I thought about being a junior camp counselor and some of the shenanigans the campers pulled on me. That story stayed in my file for many years. Last fall, I was asked to do a presentation at a school. The theme was camp. So I pulled out the story and stretched it into a chapter book for preteens just for that occasion, which is March 2014.

Sharon: And your protagonist of the story is Ray Nuestrong. Of your own experiences, what influenced the writing of Ray the most? What features became aspects that were his alone?
Brenda:  As a junior camp counselor, I was tormented by a couple of nine-year-old boys. My protagonist, Ray Nuestrong is tormented by nine-year-old, twin girls. And he loves to paint animals as I do. That’s where my experiences and his begin and end. Ray is a prankster and loves to skateboard. He is outgoing and enjoys being on stage performing in front of an audience. He’s fashioned more after my grandsons—little of this one and a little of that one.

Sharon: That sounds so interesting.
Are you planning another book? If so, what’s the story about?
Brenda:  I have several books in the making. The next one I plan to publish is the third book in my Bumbly Bee picture book series, You Want to What, Nibs Rabbit? is a fun story about a rabbit who wants to learn to fly so he can join the high flyers club.

Sharon: Good choice. I believe children relate well to animal characters.
Brenda: I, also, plan to write a fantasy series for preteens which involves a boy who has a lot of questions. Alex discovers a secret cave and a magic horse. The horse takes him back in time where Alex finds the answers he seeks while observing events recorded in the Bible.

Sharon: How can readers find you on the Internet?
Brenda:  Readers can find me on Face Book, Follow me on Twitter, 
Look me up on Pinterest,  Connect with me on Goodreads, 
Visit me on my blogs: and

Thank you, Sharon, for giving me this opportunity to share my writing experiences and my stories with you and your readers. God bless.

Sharon: Thank you, Brenda. The pleasure was all mine, and of course our readers.

Brenda: See you in a twinkling.

Sharon: Yes that is the promise. I pray that our Lord continues to bless your writing.

Q4U Readers: Do you read to your children and or grands? Do they have a favorite type of story they request over and over and over?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CrossReads Book Blast: The Swaddling Clothes, Amber Schamel

swaddling clothes
The Swaddling Clothes By Amber Schamel

About the Book

Through the ages, many stories have been told about Mary, Joseph and the birth of the Messiah. Stories of shepherds and sheep, kings, angels, and stables. But there is one story that has never been told. One story that has remained hidden in the fabric of time. The story of The Swaddling Clothes. Mentioned not once, but several times in the Scriptural text, what is the significance of these special cloths? And how did they make their way into a stable in Bethlehem? From the author that brought you the Days of Messiah series comes a whole new adventure critics are calling "intriguing...thought provoking... a fresh twist on an age old story." "I get tired of Bible stories sometimes, but The Swaddling Clothes brings the story to life." "Heartwarming... truly inspired. A story you will want to read again and again. Rich details and a suspenseful plot will keep you reading while giving you a glimpse of God's wonderful power and His amazing love."
Amber Schamel Amber Schamel is a multi-published author of Christian Historical Fiction. Her passion for history and culture has led her to travel extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and the Holy Land. Amber is actively involved in her church and enjoys volunteer work and music ministry. Raised in a family of twelve children and homeschooled throughout her education, she currently resides in the beautiful state of Colorado where she also serves as bookkeeper and marketing director for their family businesses. Find Amber on her blog, or on all the main social media sites.
Follow Amber Schamel Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Please welcome Alexis A. Goring to our Meet the Author Day

Sharon: Thank you for joining us today Alexis. May I get you a cup of coffee? Tea? A soft drink? Or just plain water?

Alexis: I’d love a bottle of FIJI water, Sharon! It’s my favorite brand.

Sharon: While I get your water, how about telling our readers about your family.

Alexis: My parents raised my younger brother and me in the suburbs right outside of a major metropolitan area. They always are there for us and they instilled into us family values, a strong work ethic and love for helping people. My mom is an educator. My dad works in a hospital and my brother enjoys his dream job as a physical therapist.

Sharon: Did your family have any influence on your interest in writing?

Alexis: I have always loved to read. When I was 9 years old, I decided to try writing my own stories.

I still remember how I got started. My grandparents used to babysit my brother and me while our parents were working. One day, in the living room of my grandparents’ house, my grandpa created a game for my brother and I.

“Let’s make up a story,” he said.

He went first, sharing his imaginary tale, then my brother and then me. But I did not stop there. When I returned home that evening, I decided to go to our family computer which was in our living room and start typing out the story I shared impromptu with my grandpa and brother. It took me about a week or two to type it out and then I printed it out and “published” it which at the time meant that I illustrated the story and stapled the papers together so it looked like a real book. I still remember the title of it, “Sisters.”

Sharon: Who has been one of your best encouragers on your writing journey?   

Alexis: My MOM. She’s always believed in me and encourages me to reach for the stars!

Sharon: What makes your writing different than other writers? What can a reader expect every time she picks up one of your books?

Alexis: I believe my writing is different in the sense that I intertwine faith with romance and real-world situations in a way that is educational and inspirational. When a reader picks up my book, he or she can expect an edifying read that may bring a smile to their face and warm their hearts.

Sharon: What gave you the inspiration for your book Hope In My Heart? How was this story placed on your heart?

Alexis: I believe God dropped the idea into my spirit. Honestly! I prayed about what to call my novella and one day, I felt the words “Hope in My Heart” so I wrote it down and since my book is a collection of three short stories, I added on to it and my book’s official title became Hope in My Heart: A Collection of Heartwarming Stories.

Sharon: Of your own experiences, what influenced the writing of the names of your characters the most?

Alexis: For character names, I research baby name and surname databases online because it gives me hundreds and names and their meanings which I use to help me create the perfect first, middle, and last name for my characters. Often, the name tells you about my character’s personality and ethnicity.

Sharon: During the writing of Hope in My Heart: A Collection of Heartwarming Stories, what did your characters teach you?

Alexis: Chandra in Love Unexpected taught me not to give up on finding true love with a great guy, Joshua in The Best Gift taught me that your relationship with God must come before a romantic relationship with a significant other and Elle in Peace and Love taught me that a starving artist’s dreams to work in a creative capacity with steady pay can come true!

Sharon: What impact do you hope this book has upon the reader?

Alexis: I hope my book will have a positive impact on the reader to the point where they share it with everyone they know which in turn hopefully will lead to my book becoming a bestseller!

Sharon: Who are your favorite authors or books both Christian and/or secular?

Alexis: The Holy Bible, Dee Henderson (The Guardian), Lurlene McDaniel (Don’t Die, My Love), Katie Ganshert (Wishing on Willows), Becky Wade (My Stubborn Heart), Stacy Hawkins Adams (Worth a Thousand Words), Francine Pascal (Sweet Valley High), Valorie Burton (What’s REALLY Holding You Back?), A.W. Tozer, Betsy St. Amant, and Beth Moore

Sharon: That’s quite a lineup of books and authors.
Who inspires you?

Alexis: More like “what” – Movies, music, real-life situations and of course the “who” would be God because He gave me the talent to write.

Sharon: What is your favorite and least favorite part of being a writer?

Alexis: Nothing, I love it all!

Sharon: Are you planning another book? If so, what is the story about?

Alexis: Yes! You’ll have to wait until it’s published to find out when you buy it but I will hint that the theme of faith, hope, and love will prevail.

Sharon: How can readers find you on the Internet?

Alexis: Readers can “Like” my Author page onFacebook,  and follow my Twitter feed (@PennedbyAlex). Readers are welcome to visit my official website, 
Sharon: Thank you so much for joining us today. Do you have any parting words?

Alexis: Thanks for hosting me on your blog today, Sharon! It was time well spent!

Q4U Readers: Did you ever try your hand at telling stories as a child? Did you continue?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Book Blast for "First Kisses" Novella Collection

For a limited time only - Six unforgettable love stories 

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About the novellas:

From New York Times bestselling author Linda Goodnight, historical romance The Rambler's Bride: The kissing cowboy Jericho is bent on revenge, but discovers the truth and falls in love with widow Esther.

From USA Today bestselling author Janet Tronstad, retro romance Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe: Truck driver Buddy wasn't looking for love, but waitress Penny and her quirky family take over the cafe and his heart.

From bestselling author Debra Clopton, contemporary cowboy romance Her Mule Hollow Cowboy: Independent cowgirl Maddie swears she doesn't need help from bull rider Cliff. But the Mule Hollow Matchmakers seem to have other plans...

From bestselling author Margaret Daley, romantic suspense Deadly Hunt: Bodyguard Tess rescues wounded businessman Shane from dying in the wilderness, but can she protect her heart when Shane gets too close?

From fan favorite Camy Tang, romantic suspense Necessary Proof: Reformed ex-con Alex is on the run from those who have set him up to take the blame for a cop-killing. Will tech-expert Jane be able to prove him innocent?

From fan favorite Lacy Williams, contemporary cowboy romance Kissed by a Cowboy: Maddox has given up all his big dreams to care for his niece. When Haley returns to her hometown, will Maddox find a new dream with her?

Special promo - March 17-19 - #SENDAKISS

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What readers are saying:

 Six amazing books from six different authors. They are all Christian fiction set from the 1800’s to present time. Each is a stand alone book with great settings, story lines and characters. All the books had family and faith. Some of the authors were known to me and some I was unfamiliar with. I really enjoyed each book. I can not wait to check out books from these new authors. - Amazon reader

 I didn't know what to expect - I am not a fan of anthologies. Usually I find that the stories are too brief and the plots move too fast and don't go into any detail and don't make a lot of sense. Well, let me tell you that this anthology is not like this, not at all. It is wonderful! I enjoyed each of the novellas immensely. Each one has well developed, thought out characters and detailed plots that move at exactly the right pace. You have suspense, romance - everything in each of the novels. I enjoyed reading each of the novellas and couldn't put the book down. Even though I have about 15 other books waiting to be read - I plan on reading this book all over again in the next week or so - it is just that good. - Amazon reader

A visual look at the collection:

Interact with the authors:

Buy now at Amazon - Barnes & Noble - Kobo - iBooks - Google Play

Friday, March 14, 2014

Please welcome Shanna Hatfield to our Meet The Author Day

Sharon: Hi, Shanna. May I get you a cup of coffee? Tea? A soft drink? Or just plain water?

Shanna: Plain ol’ water is great. Unless, of course, you have a cup of peppermint tea handy.

Sharon: I do have Plantation Mint. That is one of my sister’s favorite flavor of tea. (She hands Shanna a small basket filled with assorted tea bags, then fills a mug with hot water.) Here you go, Shanna.
Do you travel? If so, what is your favorite place in the entire world?

Shanna: Forgive the sappiness, but truly, my favorite place is wherever I’m at with my husband. The man makes me laugh and melts my heart on a daily basis.

Sharon: Good answer. You get an A for that one!
When and how did you get interested in writing?

Shanna: My first foray into writing was in the third grade when I penned a story about a raccoon.
In college, I studied communications. During one of my classes, the professor pulled me aside and told me that I would never make a decent journalist, but I’d be a great romance writer.
Being the stubborn kid that I was, I spent the next ten years working for newspapers just to prove I could. I often thought about trying to write fiction, but never got serious about it until 2010.
In January, the idea for a story popped into my head and wouldn’t give me any rest. I decided to sit down and see if I could at least attempt to put my thoughts into some form resembling a story.
That attempt turned into the Women of Tenacity series that debuted in June 2011.

Sharon: So your professor was correct with the part about you being a Romance Writer. Who else has encouraged on your writing journey?
Shanna: Definitely my husband (lovingly referred to as Captain Cavedweller.) Whenever I get discouraged, he reminds me of all the reasons I love writing and when things are going great, he’s my number one cheerleader.      

Sharon: My husband is my #1 supporter to. What a blessing!
So what can a reader expect every time she picks up one of your books?

Shanna: To be entertained. My books aren’t literary wonders and they aren’t intended to be. My goal is to give people a fun, romantic escape for an hour or two. I work hard at developing my characters so they seem real to the readers and all my books are infused with a little humor.

Sharon: I like that.
How do you choose the settings for your books?

Shanna: I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my life, so I write about places I’ve seen or experienced, with a fictional twist, of course. My books are all set in Washington and Oregon.

Sharon: Good planning. Write what you know is good for setting.
What gave you the inspiration for Love at the 20-Yard Line?

Shanna: Captain Cavedweller is a huge football fan. I bought him season tickets to the nearest arena football games for his birthday. I ended up loving the games as much as he did. 
For those unfamiliar with arena or indoor football, team has eight players rather than eleven and the field is much smaller since it is indoors than a regular football field. We were watching one of the games when the idea for a book popped in my head. I dug out my notebook and started jotting down notes then continued taking notes at the rest of the games we attended. There are parts of the book (involving the fans doing fun and crazy things) that really happened at some of the games we attended.

Sharon: Sharon: Giggle. And you can claim all those football games as research.
Did your characters teach you anything during the writing of Love at the 20-Yard Line?

Shanna: Brody Jackson is a tough, determined football player intently focused on his dreams. He has a soft heart under all that football equipment, but he tries not to let others see it until he meets Haven Haggarty. 
She is a successful business executive, but completely na├»ve when it comes to men. Haven is a genuine sweetheart who knows Brody is going to break her heart but decides to love him anyway. 
What these two taught me is to be willing to let go of what you think you want so you can accept what you’re truly meant to have. They also taught me a thing or two about accepting and loving people while you have the opportunity.

Sharon: I love it when authors learn something about life from the writing process. Many times our readers will pick that up as well.
What dreams have been realized for you, as a result of your writing?

Shanna: I knew when I started writing romances I wanted to do it full-time. I was able to make that a reality in August when I left my “day job” to pursue writing as my full-time career. It’s been positively fabulous.

Sharon: That is wonderful. I am truly happy for you.
Who are your favorite authors of both Christian and/or secular books? 

Shanna: This is a tough one because there are so many fantastic authors, but here are a few of my favorites: Deeanne Gist, Cathy Marie Hake, Karen Witemeyer, Rachel Rossano, Carolyn Fyffe, and Marcia Lynn McClure.

Sharon: Nice line up!
Do you have any advice for new writers?

Shanna: Don’t give up. Never stop learning or trying to better your writing. Don’t listen to the negative. Focus on the positive. Believe in yourself. Find your own unique voice. Write something every single day.

Sharon: Thank you!
What is the favorite and least favorite part--for you--of being a writer?

Shanna: My favorite part is writing. I love creating the characters and telling their story. I’d say my least favorite part is editing.

Sharon: Yes editing is very tedious and time consuming.
Are you planning another book? If so, what’s the story about?

Shanna: Absolutely. There’s always one in the works. I’ll be returning to my primary love of writing western romance with the third installment in the Pendleton Petticoats series. It will be out in late spring. The series takes place in Pendleton, Oregon, right around 1900. At that time, even though it was considered a wild western town, Pendleton was very progressive. They were the second city in the state to have paved streets, they had a telephone office and luxuries like indoor plumbing to those who could afford it.

Sharon: Wow. I didn't know that!

Shanna: I also have my first non-fiction relationship book coming out very soon called Fifty Dates with Captain Cavedweller. My husband and I embarked on a yearlong project to add a little zing to our marriage and I documented the experience. It’s a G-rated look at how, through humor, effort, and sheer determination to succeed, we went on fifty dates and the results from the experience. If he’d known I’d be writing about our experiences, I’m not sure Captain Cavedweller would have agreed to the project.

Sharon: Giggle. Sounds like a great readl
How can readers find you on the Internet?

Shanna: Here are links to all the places I hang out:

Sharon: Thank you so much for joining us today. Do you have any parting words?

Shanna: Just a huge word of thanks for inviting me to join you today. It’s been such a pleasure.

Sharon: The pleasure is all mine ... and our readers, of course.

Q4U Readers: What does romance mean to you? How would you define true romance?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CrossReads Book Blast: 3 Books on Sale $0.99 by Ben Kniskern

Adobe Photoshop PDF
 1st Book:
The Vineyard Fray
By Ben Kniskern

About the Book:

What happens to a nation that rebels against its Creator? In the middle eastern land known as the Vineyard, time seems to pass unaffected by the people’s growing rebellion. Their bountiful, prosperous life suddenly changes when the Owner of the Vineyard decides He’s had enough. In the midst of chaos and war, several individuals who are loyal to the Owner must band together to save their kingdom. Follow this unlikely group of heroes as they encounter mysterious messengers, battle against ruthless enemies and endeavor to turn the hearts of the people back to the One who created them.
“Great book. Struggles of real life, history and faith—what more could you want?”
2nd Book: 
Which God Should I Choose?
By Ben Kniskern

About the Book:

The question isn't "Is there a God" so much as "Which God should I choose?" With so many choices available, how can we ever be sure we are choosing the right one? This book takes a closer look at some of the more prevalent and popular gods of today to see how they stack up against the qualities a real God should possess. The author's goal is to help you or someone you are concerned about make an educated decision when faced with the question, "Which God should I choose?"
"Ben's book presented so many different beliefs in an informative and simple way so that whoever picked up the book could understand."
3rd Book:
Should I Get My Baby Baptized?
By Ben Kniskern

About the Book:

Having a child makes you a parent, and parents-in God's eyes-are responsible for training their child in the teachings of the Lord. This book first helps you understand God's teaching on the subject of baptism, and then moves on from there to share proven Christian child raising techniques that will help you raise a child that will bring you joy as a parent. "Read as a book of ideas for a great parent-child relationship and child raising, this book is a good read for any parent." All three of Ben Kniskern's books are designed to heighten the reader's spiritual awareness and strengthen their walk with the God who created them. benkBen Kniskern was born on November 25, 1954 in Albany, New York. He was raised nearby in Delmar, where he graduated from Bethlehem Central High School in 1972. Over the past eighteen years, Ben has ministered in the lives of many individuals ranging from children to adults. He has spent time as a Christian school teacher, Word of Life Clubs teen leader, church guest speaker, teen and adult Sunday school teacher, T&T Leader in AWANA Clubs, and, since 2001, he has been a summer volunteer at the Word of Life Family Campground in Pottersville, New York. Ben is currently working on his fourth book, "The Owner's Son," which is the second book in The Vineyard Fray trilogy and due to be released in 2014.
Follow Ben Kniskern

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Please welcome Jim Hughes to our Meet The Author Day.

Sharon:  Welcome Jim, may I get you a cup of coffee?
Tea? A soft drink? Or just plain water?

Jim: Oh, coffee please and make it black.  

Sharon: Coming right up. (She pours a cup of the rich dark liquid and hands it to him.) Here you go.

Jim: Thank you so much!

Sharon: Jim. Can you tell us a little about your family?

Jim: My lovely bride and I have been married 40 years and we have three children, two by birth and one through adoption.  Our two oldest are married and our youngest is in his teen years.  We have two granddaughters whom we babysit most days along with homeschooling our son.

Sharon: Thank you for sharing. Children and Grands are such a blessing. 

Who has been one of your best encouragers on your writing journey?

Jim: There are three who really stand out to me.  First of all is my Lord.  Without His prodding, my book would never have made it to the publisher.  Secondly is my wife.  My wife read what I had written and encouraged me to pursue publishing.  The third one who really encouraged me is my wife’s nephew, who is a Christian counselor.  He read my manuscript and really liked it and encouraged me to pursue publishing it. 

Sharon: That is wonderful! 

What makes your writing different than other writers?

Jim: My book is unique in that every chapter begins with the letter “C”.  There are 48 chapters, so it was a lot of fun coming up with the chapter titles.  Alliteration seems to come naturally to me and most of the sermons I have preached over the years use it.
Sharon: I'd say that is a good way to use your God given talent. 
What gave you the inspiration for C Through Marriage

Jim: I really believe that the Lord directed the process.  I had written an article for the church I was serving in the 80’s in response to the moral failure of several prominent television evangelists.  I was working in a local factory about 6 years ago when I sat down and started writing on marriage, mainly for myself and as an extension of my pastoral heart.  I was concerned about the growing breakdown of marriages in and outside of the church and sat down to jot down some of my thoughts.  Once I got started, I literally could not write fast enough.

Sharon: Interesting! What did you learn during the writing of C Through Marriage, that you didn't know before?

Jim: I learned many years ago that no one has all the answers or has it altogether.  Marriage is a process of growing love together for life.  Sometimes when things aren’t going so well, my wife will tell me, “Go read your book.” 

Sharon: Giggle

Jim: I have a wonderful marriage and am so blessed to be married to my wife, but we are still learning after 40 years of life together, what it means to be married.

Sharon: And what impact do you hope this book has upon the reader?

Jim: It is my prayer that my book will help couples work to make their marriages better.  It is sound advice for those who are married, no matter how long they have been married, and those who are looking to be married. 

I am hoping that pastors, counselors, teachers and couples alike will find it to be a practical and useful resource as they deal with the married life.

Sharon: I hope so too, Jim.

How has being published changed your life?

Jim: It has given me an online presence.  I am not very tech savvy and didn’t know much about what to do with a computer.  While I still don’t know much, I am a little bit more comfortable with it than I used to be.  I do most of my marketing efforts online, so it has taken up a lot of my time.

Sharon: What’s the most surprising thing that’s happened in your writing career?

Jim: Wow, that is a good question.  I would say probably the doors that have been opened to me for ministry online have been a big change.  I am retired from active ministry right now, but the Lord has opened up some doors of opportunity online for me that would not have been available to me otherwise.  I have a prayer ministry with an author group and I post daily devotions online.

Sharon: So you work at inspiring others. But who inspires you?

Jim: My Lord, my wife, and those who really seem to like and appreciate my writings.

Jim: Sharon: What is your favorite and least favorite part of being a writer?

Jim: My favorite part is knowing that my book has been used by the Lord to help couples in their marriages.  My least favorite part is marketing.  I have struggled greatly in trying to gain an audience for my book.  I have made thousands of contacts online with very little success.  I have also have had limited success with personal sales. 

Sharon: Yes, marketing is a challenge for all authors. Some say the best marketing is to write another book. Do you have any plans in that direction?

Jim: I have two books currently written and ready to get published.  I have also written a lot of devotionals that I hope to compile together and get published.

Sharon: That's great!

How can readers find you on the Internet?

Jim: My webpage is  I am on Facebook and I have a C Through Marriage group page that I post on often.  I tweet at 4248.  My blog where I post my devotions is  My Amazon reviews can be found here: 

Sharon: Thank you so much for joining us today. Do you have any parting words?

Jim: Yes, marriage only works if you work at it.  Marriage is what you make it.  If you are willing to put forth the effort, you can have a wonderful life with your spouse.  Take advantage of some of the great resources out there on marriage and get to work. 

Q4U Readers : For those of you who are married ... how many years have you celebrated together?