Thursday, July 31, 2014

Please Welcome Margaret Armanious to our Meet The Author Day

Good Morning, Margaret. I'm happy to visit with you today
When and how did you get interested in writing?

Margaret Armanious: I believe I’ve always enjoyed writing on some level. Growing up, I always loved creative writing assignments, excited to see what I could craft on paper while the other kids groaned. (Now I can’t say the same for math!) I’ve almost always kept a journal, although the frequency of my entries would vary throughout the years. However, the love of putting words to paper has always been a part of me. It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I began to write Bible Studies, accumulating them but never sharing them. One day I realized that if God gave me the desire and tenacity to write, then I need to share it. I realized that is what I have to give.  
Sharon: We study for ourselves and can be too shy to share. Thank you for heeding the nudging to share what God has given you.

How was this particular study placed on your heart?

Margaret Armanious: That’s an easy one, Sharon. Many, many years ago, I remember my dad teaching the book of Philemon to my small group fellowship. The message of the book of Philemon, (forgiveness), and the way he presented it left such an impression on me that years later I decided to study the book myself. “An Invitation to Forgive” is a product of what was placed in my heart upon that initial impression. In fact, that’s how this book is dedicated.
Sharon: What impact do you hope this book has upon the reader?

Margaret Armanious: Wow, that’s a good question.

What is amazing about the book of Philemon is that it is so saturated with practical wisdom, especially for such a short epistle. It’s written by the Apostle Paul to his friend Philemon, urging him to take back and forgive his runaway slave, Onesimus. As I began to study this letter, I discovered that it addresses many aspects of forgiveness, such as:

-        What is the character of one who forgives?
-        What is it about forgiveness that is so transformative?
-        What are the motives of the one who forgives?
-        What are the dynamics of forgiveness?

Point by point, the apostle weaves a brilliant case for reconciliation in the midst of a volatile situation. He presents a truly gracious appeal towards compassion that I believe can be directly applied to our own lives.  Through his words, we see a shining example of what a godly mediator looks like.  After all, which of us has never longed to see a broken relationship mended? 

My hope is that the reader will come to appreciate the book of Philemon through this simple, easy-to-read study, not only for the practical application, but to draw closer to a deeper understanding of the Author of forgiveness, Jesus Christ Himself
Sharon: The interesting thing about this book to me is I am in the process of studying how to forgive the hard things. For instance ... how would someone forgive a murderer ... of a loved one. I am sure I will find some valuable lessons in the book of Philemon.

Are you planning another book?

Margaret Armanious: Yes. I have written a short, expository study on Hebrews 12: 1-3, which speaks of running the race of faith. Like “An Invitation to Forgive”, it is also written in an interactive, question and answer format.

I also hope to publish a study I call “The Four Greatest Lies of Satan”, which examines  Satan’s lies in  the account of the Fall of Man (Genesis 3:1-24), and how it his lies continue today on an individual, church, and societal level.

I also hope to publish studies on the untamable tongue, (James 3:1-12), as well as a topical study on money management, (Selected Scriptures), Lord willing.

Sharon: Wow! I certainly want to encourage you in those two studies as well.

How can our readers find you on the Internet?

Margaret Armanious: I have a blog, called “Ministry In Words” that has been such a joy in my life. It was developed from an insatiable desire to share my love for the word of God and my faith in Christ. The groundwork for this blog really started many years ago, as God began to develop a real joy for Bible Study within me. This is a small way to share some of it. Sometimes that will come from studies and devotions I have put together, and other times from the simple, everyday conversations and lessons I find along the way. You may find it at  Each reader is important to me and by their input and comments enhances the blog in ways that I never could do alone. Stop by and join the conversation!

My Twitter handle is @tweetinginwords.

I’ve also been featured as a guest blogger on GospelBlog by FEBC:

Sharon: I just started following you on twitter!

Margaret Armanious: Thank you for the opportunity to be a guest on your blog!

Sharon: It has been my pleasure. 
Readers you can find Margaret's book here