Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet Ohio Author Sandra Merville Hart

Sharon: Please welcome Sandra Merville Hart to our Meet The Author Day. (Wait for applause to die down.)

May I get you a cup of coffee? Tea? A soft drink? Or just plain water?

Sandra: Thank you, I'd love a glass of sweet iced tea.   

Sharon: Here you go. 
What can you tell us about your family?

Sandra: My husband and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary last year with a trip to Gettysburg. (I do write historical romance novels!)  I have a stepson, two married stepdaughters, a daughter, and a granddaughter who live nearby. We have a great time when we get together!

Sharon:  Has your writing changed your reading habits? If so, how?

Sandra:I love to read, but now I pay attention to how authors build tension. I notice how the words they choose to describe people and settings. In other words, I guess reading has become another opportunity to learn the writing craft.

Sharon: Who has been your greatest encourager on your writing journey?

Sandra: My husband has supported me the whole way. I like to visit historic sites to discover the local history. He uses vacation time to go on research trips with me. He supports whatever I need to do. He understands that rejections break my heart at times and does what he can to bolster my courage to try again.               

Sharon: I love the cover of your debut novel A Stranger on My Land! How was this story
placed on your heart?

Sandra:I wondered what it would have felt like to find a wounded soldier on your property after a Civil War battle. It surely happened. Would you walk away and leave him to die if he fought for the other side? What if your members of your family fought for the opposite army? Does that change anything? Suppose you help them anyway and fall in love?

I pondered these questions and the story was born.

Sharon: Who inspires you?

Sandra:I'm inspired by great authors. I've read several books by Mark Twain in the past year or so because I write historical fiction. This master storyteller inspires me.

I'm inspired by the courage I find in people who face insurmountable challenges and somehow find a way to get through it.

I'm inspired by those who cling to their faith when it's all they have left to hold on to.

I'm inspired by a friendly smile, a warm welcome, and how good old-fashioned hospitality feeds the soul.

I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere, if I only take time to discover it.

Sharon: Are you planning another book? If so, what’s the story about?

Sandra:I'm currently writing a romantic suspense novel. An idea just came to me and I have to write it to get it out of my system.This is my first time to write in this genre, but I'm having a blast with it. My next novel will be a Civil War romance set in Gettysburg.

Sharon: I am eager to read all of them!
Thank you so much for joining us today. Do you have any parting words?

Sandra: Thank you, Sharon, for hosting me on your wonderful site. I've enjoyed being here. The sweet tea tasted great!

Sharon: The pleasure is all mine. 

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

30 Days Of Savings

Today we feature Deadly Secret with the sale price of $.99 regular price $2.99

A medical drama about a drug scandal--false accusation-- and death. 

The covering on Evalena Davidson’s head invites all kinds of confidences and sharing, a blessing on Denton Community Hospital’s oncology ward. But people expect her to be perfect, which makes living up to the promise of her Old German Baptist uniform a challenge. 

Old German Baptist Brethren with their adherence to traditional ways do not get involved with the law. But how can Evalena turn her back on a friend? 

Pete Neper, head of the sanitation department senses unrest among the employees but finds it a challenge to track down the cause. 

Danni Wagoner, another oncology nurse is implicated in a drug scam. 

This unlikely trio put their lives and reputation at risk to uncover a deadly secret in an attempt to identify a killer before someone else dies.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CrossReads Book Blast with Michelle Word Hollis

It's in the House: Lessons from a Widow Woman - Getting What You Need & More!
By Michelle Word Hollis

About the Book:

In this book you will discover the powerful lessons, from the Biblical story of the Widow's Oil, that will help you overcome any difficulty you are currently facing. You will learn easy to implement strategies that will cause positive transformation in your thoughts and actions. The lessons are based upon Biblical principles that you can use daily for successful living. God has given us a blueprint in His Word that will help us build a grand life no matter where we are currently in life. The principles contained in these pages have withstood the test of time; they are universal truths! The lessons and principles are simple to understand, as well as, implement for those who would dare try and keep trying. Making a lasting permanent change does take time, practice, and patience, but you can do it! image1Michelle Word Hollis is a native of St. Louis,  Mo. She is a wife and a mother. She received her undergraduate degree from SIUE and her MBA from UOP. Michelle is a life long learner and enjoys many other personal pursuits. Michelle is a new author, but she has been writing privately for many years. Michelle's Pearlable Woman book series will explore spirituality, family, life, and love. In the series, she will share lessons that have stood the test of time. These lessons are pearls of wisdom from the lives of Biblical women that can be applied to our contemporary lives.
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