Women's Fiction

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Many women do not realize that God intended them to have life long friendships with other women. Friendships such as Jonathan and David shared Old testament days.

Friendships for women are not intended for just while we are single and supposedly carefree.

    In other times and other cultures, the women folk banded together while the men went out into the hostile environment to hunt and provide for the family. 

   Women have always been industrious as well. We read in Proverbs 31 how the virtuous women deals with employees, and deals with the merchant. How she provides for her household, even purchasing real estate.

Women Have Emotional Needs.  That's why Sharon A. Lavy writes Women's Fiction.

   While men can fulfill one kind of emotional longing, only another woman can understand ... well, have you ever seen men talking at the same time and absorbing the gist of the conversation? 
   Oh no, men want you to remain silent and let them do a monologue. No wonder we women shut down. And if we try to interact with them, the men shut down.
   By cultivating friendships with other women we can be kinder to our husbands, who's minds work ... well ... let's face it their gears turn funny.


 December 26, 2012
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Work is Roberta "Birdie" Alexander's inspiration. If she works long enough and hard enough, her father will love her as much as he loves her older brothers. In her Christian walk, Birdie approaches her relationship with her Heavenly Father in the same way.

How much will she risk to hold on to her own will and secret sin of self-righteousness? Will losing her job wake her up? Losing a lifelong friend? A brother? Or will it take losing the very presence of God?

Sara Brubaker is torn between two worlds. Two-years-old when an Old Order German Baptist couple adopted her, she's the secretary for Alexander's Nursery and Greenhouse. Sara enjoys the normal world of fun and fashion. Should she give it up and join the Dunkards to truly belong with her adoptive family?

The Anabaptist people dress so old fashioned. Does she really want to look ... Amish? Then she learns her parents have been keeping secrets. Sara's dad side-steps her questions. Was the deception deliberate?

Irene West, Birdie's lifelong Sunday school friend, misses having a father figure around ... where is he anyway? In her search for acceptance, her skirts get tighter and shorter. This causes Birdie to struggle with the friendship and Irene to struggle with life.

Birdie thinks it's her job to shame Irene into acting more like a ChristianWill Birdie overcome her self-righteous nature before it's too late ... for Irene?

In the rich farming cradle of the of the Ohio Valley, a peaceful lifestyle seems possible. Highly likely even. At least on the surfaceIt's 1973, and three young women choose to survive in their male dominated world. 

Clinging to their friendships, the women struggle to find their identity in Christ. Can they forgive, and find the courage to grab hold of a new vision?